Webinar – CASH Practice

CA$H Practice Payment Issues Webinar

This recorded webinar is designed for physical and occupational therapists who are contemplating or have already started a cash practice.  We discuss the most common payment issues that you will experience in your practice, including:

    • Whether should you accept assignment from commercial payers
    • Whether you should accept assignment on an auto injury case
    • Whether you can you accept cash from a workers’ compensation patient
    • The history of the private contracting legal/regulatory issues under Medicare and whether you can accept cash payment for medically necessary services, services that are not medically necessary or not covered and services beyond the cap
    • What laws/rules might apply to your situation (mandatory payment submission, the maximum permissible fees and how HIPAA interacts with the Medicare rules) depending on your enrollment status
    • What the risks might be of seeing Medicare beneficiaries depending on your enrollment status
    • How to choose your patients carefully and minimize your risks
    • What rules apply to Medicare replacement plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplemental Plans
    • How HIPAA factors into whether you can accept cash and what records you can release

After the webinar, we will schedule a  1-hour consultation with you to discuss your particular practice so we can provide individual advice and develop a customized payment agreement for you. The consultation comes with HIPAA forms that you will need for your practice as well. The payment agreement customizations will be specific to:

    • When you require payment and if you charge interest on late payments
    • Whether you accept assignment on commercial and auto claims
    • Whether you want to serve as the Authorized Representative for your patient on an appeal
    • Whether you are enrolled with Medicare as a participating or non-participating provider or have no enrollment relationship with Medicare
    • Whether you are enrolled but in the process of unenrolling or enrolled for the purposes of working elsewhere


We also recommend joining the CA$H Practice Membership for ongoing access to business and legal advice after you go through the payment training and individual consultation.

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Webinar + Individual Consultation to create your customized Payment Agreement  (Recommended for Providers serious about starting a cash practice.  Phone consultation is approximately 60 minutes.)



Individual Consultation/Customized Payment Agreement + CA$H Practice Membership for 1 year.

$650.00  (Best Value!)